Pendant Back Quote Choices

 Classic quotes 1-35 are included with the price of your pendant. Not all quotes will fit on all pendants.  Personalized quotes (36-54) are available for an extra fee. When you find the quote you like, choose the quote number on the drop down menu from the ordering page.
Quote font color will match the pendant metal color of silver, gold, or copper. Font size is 6-10 point depending on the stone and length of name, however I prefer not to go under 8 point due to its readability.  


 Small Quotes Included!  

Perfect for Tribute or any size larger Milk/Cremation necklaces,
or Small to XL Gemstone memorial necklaces.
        Pick a quote below + add one symbol:                            
  1. 1-3 Initials
  2. Husband or Wife
  3. Mom or Dad (or any variations such as mamma)
  4. Grandpa or Grandma (or any variations such as Papa)
  5. Brother or Sister
  6. Baby Girl or Baby Boy or Baby
  7. Born into heaven
  8. BFF
  9. Rest in peace or RIP


         Medium Quotes Included! 

     Perfect for Treasure or any size larger milk/cremation necklaces,
    or Medium - XL gemstone memorial necklaces.
           Pick a quote below + add one symbol:                            

        10.  My angel has paws.

        11.  Forever my husband or wife

        12. In loving memory

        13. Forever in my heart

        14. Always and forever

        15. With brave wings she flies.

        16. I'll meet you at the rainbow bridge. 

        17. Love you forever mom (or other relations)

        18. You left footprints on my heart.

        19. A piece of my heart is in heaven.

        20. I will never forget you.

        21. See you in the next life.


            Large Quotes Included! 

    Perfect for Devotion size milk/cremation necklaces,
    or L- XL gemstone memorial necklaces. 
           Pick a quote below + add one symbol:                            

        22. Mother of an angel too beautiful for earth.

        23. I was once your angel, now you are mine. 

        24. Forever wouldn't have been long enough. 

        25. Once by my side, forever in my heart.

        26. Forever in my heart, until I hold you in heaven. 

        27. Your light will always shine in my heart. 

        28. Your wings were ready but my heart was not. 

        29. You will always be a part of me. 

        30. I believe in angels because of you. 

        31. Always loved, never forgotten, forever missed.

       32.  In memory of a life so beautifully lived.

       33.  I have an angel looking out for me.

       34.  Loved beyond words, missed beyond measure. 

       35.  You were my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye. 


    Small Personalized Quotes $15

    Perfect for Tribute or any size larger Milk/Cremation necklaces,
    or Small to XL Gemstone memorial necklaces.

       36. First, Middle, & Last name

       37. First Name, Last Name + date

       38. First Name, Last Name + Image below

       39. First Name + Date + Image below

       40. Mom or Dad (or variations: mommy) + Date + Image Below 

       41. Grandma or Grandpa (or variations: nana) + Date + Image Below

       42. Baby Girl or Baby Boy or Baby + Date

       43. First Name + BFF + Image Below

      Image Choices:                             
    Small 4 digit date example: 2022

    Medium Personalized Quotes $15

    Perfect for Treasure or any size larger milk/cremation necklaces,
    or Medium - XL gemstone memorial necklaces.

       44.  In loving memory + first name + date

       45.  Forever missed + first name + date + image below

       46.  Forever my husband or wife + first name + date or image below

       47.  My angel has paws  + first name + image below

       48.  Born into heaven + first name or relation + date or image below

       49. Rest in peace or RIP + first name or relation + date or image below

       50. Forever in my heart + first name or relation + date or image below

       51. Always and forever + first name or relation + date or image below

       52. 6mo, 1yr, or 2 yr breastfeeding milestone + first name + image below (medium wide pear only, or any size/shape in Devotion or L-XL)

    Image Choices:                             
    Medium date examples: 2022  or  12/14/21  or 1953 - 2022


    Large Personalized Quotes $15

    For Devotion size milk/cremation necklaces,
    or L- XL gemstone memorial necklaces. 
       53. Your custom quote, up to 50 characters including spaces + image below
       54.  ANY quote from Small, Medium or Large choices + name + date + image.
    Image Choices:                             
    Medium date examples: 2022  or  12/14/21  or 1953 - 2022