Gemstone Definitions

Healing Hearts Keepsakes Stone Definitions:

  • Cremation/Breastmilk Stones: Handmade by the artist using unique inclusions like cremation ash, breastmilk, or sand. These stones combine inclusions with resins and epoxy, optionally tinted or with shimmer from mica powder. Add-ons can include glitter, crushed opal, or imagery/quotes. Regardless of customization, each piece is a unique and cherished keepsake.

  • Natural Gemstones: Earth-mined gemstones that are cut and polished by our trusted suppliers.

  • Lab Gemstones: Authentic gemstones grown in controlled settings. They're genuine, but not earth-mined, offering the allure of pricey stones like diamonds or emeralds without the hefty cost.

  • Moissanite: Resembling diamonds in appearance, these are made from silicon carbide. They can be naturally occurring or lab-made, boasting a rainbow brilliance compared to a diamond's white shimmer. More affordable and nearly as tough as diamonds, their lasting color makes them a popular diamond alternative.

  • Cubic Zirconia (CZ): Introduced in the 1970s, these are lab-made gems of zirconium dioxide. While they naturally occur, it's rare. Mainly used as an affordable diamond alternative, CZs are actual gemstones, not mere glass.