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Jewelry & Orders

What types of custom orders do you offer?

We offer the following types of handmade keepsakes:

Memorial stones: Beautiful stone pendants with images and quotes in a handmade sterling silver or 14K Gold setting; a perfect alternative to cremation jewelry! I also make custom memorial stone jewelry. Gemstone Necklaces

Cremation/Breastmilk Pendants & Rings: Custom stones with choice of color and sparkle made from your inclusions (breastmilk, cremation ash, fabric, etc), and then set in Sterling Silver & 14K Gold Settings. Necklaces Rings

What type of symbols can we use on our jewelry?

At Healing Hearts Keepsakes, we celebrate individuality and diverse cultural and religious symbols representing the memories of loved ones. We welcome all symbols for our jewelry, provided they steer clear of promoting hate, violence, bigotry, or infringing copyright laws.

Choose from 80+ images on our website or explore our vast library of licensed illustrations. For a personal touch, consider custom orders using unique imprints like fingerprints, paw prints, hand drawings, or footprints.

For optimal presentation on your DNA cabochon or memorial stone, consider the following:

Images: For optimal clarity on stones, use a silhouette with thin lines. This lets the stone's beauty shine while maintaining a clear design. Refer to the Image Choices for examples.


  • The back of the stone provides an excellent canvas for quotes. We use a single font for clarity, especially when scaled down.
  • We typically don't reduce the font below size 8 for legibility, particularly for those with aging eyes, unless specifically requested.
  • Stone size determines text allowance; longer quotes may not fit smaller stones.
  • We have a variety of short quotes available. However, keep in mind: the smaller the stone, the more concise the quote must be.
  • If your chosen quote is too lengthy, we'll guide you toward alternatives. If our options don't resonate, feel free to provide your own.

Refer to the Quotes for examples.

Pet Illustrations:

  • Capture your beloved pet's essence with an illustration. We use white colored stones exclusivly for these since it showcases pet designs best.
  • While we have numerous illustrations, we understand the importance of specificity. If our gallery doesn't match your pet's breed, custom illustrations from a photo are possible. Reach out if you'd like this service.

Refer to the Pet Illustrations for examples.


  • Human portraits can be integrated and are set against white stones and ideally placed on the back.
  • Smaller stones might not do justice to detailed photos due to size constraints. Reach out to us for more information.

Custom Orders:

  • We're open to custom orders, whether it's a specific photo or a unique color illustration. Please contact us with your ideas, and we'll strive to fulfill your vision.

What is the turnaround time for Jewelry?

By ordering, you agree to our estimated processing times listed below, which begin once we receive the inclusions you’ve shipped, if any, (e.g., ash, breastmilk), and we have received the jewelry/settings needed to complete the order.  We do not keep a supply of gold & silver jewelry/settings at our location.  All must be specially ordered from the jewelry manufacturers before we can complete the order. Multiple items in one order will be shipped in one package when all items are completed and ready to be shipped. 

Artesian Gemstone Tribute Collection - Pre-made: 1-3 days.

Artesian Gemstone Tribute Collection - Custom made: 1 - 10 days.

Ash urn necklaces 1-10 days (5-15 with engraving).

Breastmilk & Cremation Jewelry Collections: 1-10 days.

Cremation Urns including Pet: 1-10 days (5-15 with engraving).

Fine Jewelry Keepsakes Collection: Engraved Memory & Pet Print: 5-15 days.

Fine Jewelry Keepsakes Collection: Not engraved 1-10 days.

Longer chain add-ons (any category): 1-10 days.

Note: These timeline estimates are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.  For more detailed information on our turnaround times please visit our Shipping Policy.

What inclusions can I add to my custom jewelry?

At Healing Hearts Keepsakes, we celebrate personal touches. You can infuse your keepsake with a multitude of sentimental inclusions, including:

  • Cremation ash
  • Hair
  • Fabric
  • Breastmilk
  • Dirt
  • Sand

For specifics regarding allowed inclusions and the necessary quantities, please refer to our Inclusion Instructions.

Additionally, we provide a selection of aesthetic enhancements such as colors and sparkles. When placing an order, each product listing features a dropdown menu that showcases the variety of colors and sparkles available for addition. We're pleased to offer several customizations at no extra cost. However, consider the final look: the more elements you incorporate, the busier your personalized stone may appear.

How do I send my inclusions?

Please use the following link for instructions: Shipping Instructions

How much inclusions do you need to send for DNA jewelry?

For information on inclusion types and amounts, please visit Shipping Your Inclusions.

How do I measure my finger for a ring?

You can order a ring sizer on Amazon or use the free printable ring sizer we have provided to help you find the perfect fit for your new ring.

Ring sizer

What does Gold Filled mean?

All rings and commercially made pendants are 14K solid gold. However handmade necklace settings are crafted with 14k gold filled wire.

14K Gold filled is very different than plated.  In fact, it is 100x thicker than plated wire. It has an average life of 10-30 years but can last a lifetime when taken care of properly. 

14K Gold-Filled wire is purchased exclusively from Rio Grande - the best in the industry. When we order gold-filled wire, we are subject to ever changing gold price as it fluctuates on the commodities market just like solid gold. Gold filled is sold by the Troy Ounce, just as gold is. However, gold plated items do not fluctuate in price with the market and are not sold by the Troy Ounce because the gold is too thin.

Gold-filled is a great long-lasting alternative to the price of solid gold.

Will the designs on memorial pendants wear off the stone?

No, the designs on our memorial pendants are securely adhered directly to the stones. With appropriate care, they will remain intact without wear.

Can I change my order?

To modify your order, it depends on the specific changes you're seeking and whether we've begun processing your item. For more details on order amendments, please see the "Changes to Orders" section in our refunds & exchange policy.

Can I change my address or ship the order to multiple addresses?

To modify your delivery address:

  1. Visit your order page.
  2. Click "Change Address" and complete the form.
  3. Save and then email us about the update.

If you can't edit the address, your order may already be shipped. We can't alter addresses on our side and can only ship to the one provided. For multiple delivery locations, place separate orders.


Do you return the unused inclusions?

All remaining inclusions, apart from breast milk, will be returned with the completed order. Any unused preserved breastmilk is kept for 90 days and then disposed of. 

How to I take care of my jewelry?

Please refer to the following page:

Jewelry Care Instructions

Can I return my jewelry if I don't like it?

We don't offer returns or exchanges on our jewelry. However, if you're unsatisfied with your purchase, please reach out immediately and we'll strive to find a mutually agreeable solution. For further details, please visit: Returns

Do you ship to other countries besides the US?

Not yet, but soon! We are currently working out all the details regarding fees and customs.

Do you collaborate with social media influencers?

Absolutely! We're always open to collaboration. If you're keen to work with Healing Hearts Keepsakes, kindly complete our Contact Us form. Please provide:

  • Your name, email, and phone number
  • Links to your social media profiles along with follower count and engagement metrics
  • Examples of previous brand engagements or promotions
  • Your motivation for collaborating with us, including any personal stories related to memorials for pets or loved ones.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Where can I find your policies?

Please use the following links to view our polices:

Refunds & Returns


Terms of Service


Didn't find what you were looking for? Feel free to contact us at any time!