Jewelry Care Instructions

Caring for Your Keepsake

Especially crucial for inclusion jewelry (ash, breastmilk, etc) & Pave jewelry (below), proper care ensures your keepsake remains beautiful. Follow these guidelines:

  • Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place, preferably in a bag or pouch when not worn.
  • Cleaning: Use a soft, preferably jewelry-specific, cloth for polishing.
  • Daily Use: Remove before sleep, and avoid contact with perfumes, lotions, and chemicals. Refrain from wearing during activities like cooking, exercising, or cleaning.
  • Water & Heat: Avoid submersion in water, including pools, baths and hand washing. Keep away from direct sunlight and heat sources like window sills, blow-dryers or car interiors.
  • Pave Commercial Settings (small gemstones, often in a halo around the primary stone): We suggest extra care for Pave jewelry and that it not be used for everyday wear, and especially not for sleeping, showering, washing hands, dishes, etc.  A jewelry holder by the bathroom sink, kitchen sink, and by the bed, is a great way to help protect your jewelry. These small stones can become loose or fall out when bumped or subjected to stress. This is a well-known fact within the jewelry industry, and it is why jewelers strongly suggest that their customers inspect their Pave jewelry every 6 months. Both the commercial jewelry manufacturer and I inspect these settings before shipping. We don't offer further inspection services or refunds/exchanges for the small stones in Pave settings. If you choose to purchase a Pave setting, please have your Pave jewelry inspected every 6 months at your local jeweler. 


  • Allergies: We utilize copper, sterling silver, 14k gold, various epoxies, and resins. If allergic to these or any packaging materials, avoid purchasing. Discontinue use if an allergic reaction occurs. Healing Hearts Keepsakes is not responsible for allergies or injuries related to our products.
  • Safety Warning: Keep jewelry and packaging away from young children due to choking hazards.