About the Artist



I'm glad you stopped by. I'm thrilled to have the chance to share my journey as a jewelry artist with you.

My passion for jewelry making was ignited several years ago when my daughter had her heart set on a crystal choker for Christmas, but it was sold out. As a creative spirit, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create the perfect crystal choker just for her. I ended up making her 5 different chokers, earrings and several different bracelets.  She was absolutely thrilled.  This was the beginning of my incredible adventure into the world of jewelry making.

Over time, I developed my skills and discovered innovative techniques to bring my designs to life. My unique approach of adding gold and silver images & quotes to stone cabochons has become one of my signature touches. But my true calling in the realm of jewelry making revealed itself when my family experienced a heartbreaking loss. When our favorite aunt passed away, I felt an overwhelming desire to make personal keepsakes for my grieving cousins.

Inspired by the need to help my family find comfort, I crafted personalized labradorite pendants adorned with angel wings and heartfelt personal quotes, on the back, for each of them. The impact of these memorial pieces was profound, bringing much-needed comfort and a sense of togetherness for my family. This experience changed me.  When we returned home after seeing our cousins, I fell into a bit of a slump as one does during the grieving process. I no longer found joy or purpose in regular jewelry making.  I didn't pick up my jewelry tools for at least 3 months because I just couldn't find meaning in it like I did in the memorial jewelry I had made for my family.

Close-up of Mother's Love gold pendant featuring a heart with a mother and child silhouette, accented with a unique bouquet made from hair and sparkles, and a small sparkle heart beside the bouquet, showcasing intricate details of breastmilk/cremation ash jewelry.But through my grieving process, I realized what I needed to  do.  So I shut down my Etsy shop, since they don’t allow for cremation jewelry (other then pets), and opened up a website of my own.  I learned the art of creating stones from cremation ash and breastmilk and was soon helping clients with their own grieving process.  This experience had left me with the overwhelming desire to dedicate my artistic talents to helping others find healing and peace through personalized gemstone, cremation and breastmilk jewelry.

My gemstone memorial creations, in handmade fine metal settings, feature exquisite materials such as labradorite, obsidian, lapis, rainbow moonstone, and amazonite for memorial stone necklace.  They are the perfect alternative to cremation necklaces and feature custom designs on the front and special messages on the back.   While my custom cremation and breastmilk stones are set them in beautiful solid sterling silver, 14K gold commercial necklace and ring settings. To give each piece of cremation and breastmilk jewelry a special touch, I incorporate the customer's choice of colorful mica, crushed opal,  sparkles, images, and quotes, that catch the eye and warm the heart. 

The essence of my work lies in capturing the unique spirit of the person or pet being memorialized. I pour love and compassion into every piece, taking great care to ensure every detail is perfect. I have recently rebranded my business from the name Crystal Whimsy, which was my original name on Etsy, to Healing Hearts Keepsakes, which alligns perfectly with my memorial and milestone jewelry brand.

Although my business name has changed, my mission is still the same. It is my mission is to offer healing and comfort through my artistic creations. Each piece of jewelry is crafted with love and compassion, and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to share my passion with you. Thank you for being here, and please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or would like a special piece to help you in your healing journey.